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20 Mythical Amigurumi You Won’t Want to Miss

20 Mythical Amigurumi You Won’t Want to Miss

Who doesn’t love a touch of fantasy in their amigurumi? From classic unicorns to the mysterious Mothman, there’s so much potential mythical creatures. You can go crazy with colors, sizes and adding all sorts of details! But sometimes, it’s hard to find just the right pattern for the creature you’re looking for. That’s why I put together these 20 mythical amigurumi you won’t want to miss!

20 Mythical Amigurumi You Won’t Want to Miss

I’ve searched and gathered these patterns from some of the top amigurumi designers and many of them even specialize in fantastical designs. So if one really sticks out to you, I highly recommend browsing other patterns of theirs.

Wrap Up

Which of these fantastical patterns did you like the most? Or do you have a mythical creature pattern you love and want to share? Leave a comment below!

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