How to Pick the Perfect Colors for Your Crochet Projects

Do you struggle with picking out the perfect colors for your next project? Or maybe you have one color in mind, but aren’t sure what to pair with it. Don’t worry, this article is going to give you the tools and knowledge you need to pick amazing color combinations every time! Let’s dive in to how to pick the perfect […]

7 Tools You Need to Crochet Amigurumi on a Budget

Crochet is generally a pretty inexpensive hobby to start, but it can add up fast once you’re hooked (pun intended). You may already know and have some or all of the tools on this list, but I’m going share some budget-friendly tips and resources that will help you save money too. So let’s jump in to these 7 tools your […]

Free Crochet Pattern: Popcorn Pumpkin Pattern

I am BEYOND excited to share this pattern with ya’ll! Various versions of this pumpkin have been rolling around in my brain since like 2019 and I’m so happy to finally have it written out. Keep scrolling to check out this free crochet pattern: Popcorn Pumpkin Pattern This pumpkin pattern is quick, customizable, and best of all, beginner-friendly! Plus, the […]

How to Rock Your Handmade Holiday | 2021

Whether you’re a professional maker or a hobbyist that loves making handmade gifts, the holidays can be both the most exciting and the most stressful time of year. I think we’ve all heard a friend or family member say, “Hey you since you crochet, can you make me (blank)? And because we love making and giving, it’s incredibly easy to […]