Yarn Over vs Yarn Under: Which is Better?

Yarn over vs yarn under: which is better? This question has woven it’s way through crochet groups, online forums and social media with proponents on both sides. And the truth is, each one has merit as well as drawbacks. However, if you’re relatively new to amigurumi and haven’t made up your mind yet, this post will help you decide for […]

Textured Stitches Made Easy: The Crocodile Stitch

Have you ever tried the Crocodile or ‘dragon scale’ stitch? It’s the one that looks like alternating scales and it’s so cool! However, it’s a bit more tricky to learn than the average crochet stitch and that’s because the stitch construction is so unique. But don’t worry, we’re going to break it down so that not only will you be […]