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Crochet Hook Review: Love Stitches All Hooks

Crochet Hook Review: Love Stitches All Hooks

There’s just something irresistible about a beautiful, handmade hook. Maybe it’s just me, but as a crocheter, I’m just as obsessed with hooks as I am with the craft. And there’s TONS of amazing handmade hooks out there to choose from. Whether you’re looking for ergonomic support or the perfect shape for your grip, it can be tough finding hooks that suit you. That’s why I want to narrow the field a bit and give you my crochet hook review: Love Stitches All hooks!

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Crochet Hook Review: Love Stitches All Hooks

When I first dove into crochet, I gradually began following several handmade hook makers and one that immediately caught my attention was Diane from Love Stitches All. Her resin hooks are gorgeous and pretty affordable. Still, I’m always hesitant to spend money on myself when I don’t technically need something, so it was a while before I decided to buy.

Before I get too long-winded, let’s look at some quick specs if you’re unfamiliar with Love Stitches All hooks.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with Diane or Love Stitches All in any way. I just want to share my honest opinion about her products.

Quick Specs

The product type and price listed below are specific to the hook I purchased.

  • Seller: Diane F. from Love Stitches All
  • Product: 3.00mm hook with the ‘Love’ style handle from the ‘Upside Down’ series
  • Price: $36 (general range is $30-$40 per hook)
  • Material: clover hook and resin
  • Size: range from 2.00mm to 8.00mm
  • Colors Available: depends on stock, generally limited series batches
  • Interesting Product Facts: Each handle shape has a specific function in mind whether it be grip style or aesthetic.
  • Restock Frequency: restocks every Friday at 5pm PT.

All About Loves Stitches All Hooks

hook handle labels for crochet hook review: loves stitches all hooks
Image by Diane of Love Stitches All.

Diane offers an amazing amount of customization with her hooks. When you go to her website and select the color you like from her available stock, you’ll then be prompted to pick a handle style, hook size and type.

There are 7 handle styles to choose from:

  • Agape – excellent for those that use the pencil grip
  • Amore – great for beauty primarily over function in terms of ergonomic shape, but still easy to use
  • Love – wonderful for those with the knife gripe as it suits the natural contours of the hand
  • Hope – has the thickest handle, perfect for those looking for an ergonomic shape
  • Mermaid – comes in two sizes, large and small
  • Unicorn – like the Amore, it’s more aesthetic, but the smooth design ensures a comfortable grip regardless
  • Philia – great for smaller hand or for those that prefer shorter handles

After selecting the handle style you want, you’ll then need to pick your hook size and type.

All of Diane’s hooks are made with silver, tapered (Boye-style) hooks unless you add on a different type of hook (Clover Amor, Boye, or Bates). I happen to love hooks with the tapered heads (rather than the inline-style of Bates) so I did not add a different hook style when I ordered mine.

hook examples for blog post
Image by Diane of Love Stitches All.

First Impression

my hook packaging for crochet hook review: love stitches all hooks
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

Diane sends her hooks carefully packaged in their own slim box with a care instructions card and contact card with an adorable little stitch marker attached.

The hook itself was actually a bit bigger than I had been imagining and it was a pleasant surprise. One thing I did notice was a slight imperfection in the resin on one side, possibly where the resin had been touched before curing fully. However, the spot doesn’t bother me when I hold the hook and given that it was handmade, a small thing like this is to be expected.

Using My New Hook

So, if you’ve been here a while, you’ll know I almost exclusively make amigurumi. Because of this, my favorite hook sizes range from 2.50mm-3.25mm and it’s annoyingly hard to find 3.00mm in particular. And I was ecstatic when I saw Diane included this elusive size in her stock!

However, when I opened my package, there was a little note explaining that these hooks were NOT meant for amigurumi because tight tension might dislodge the hook from the handle.

I’ll be honest, at first I was a bit discouraged. I hoped I hadn’t wasted my money. But, then I figured, what the heck–let’s give it a shot.

And it works just fine! My tension is pretty tight, yes, but I can’t feel any slipping or looseness when I crochet. Disclaimer, I totally respect the warning that too much pressure could dislodge my hook. And if it ever does break, that it will be my fault. So if you’ve broken hooks in the past due to tight tension, perhaps these aren’t the hooks for you.

As far as crocheting with it, the length and width of the handle is super comfortable. I tend to hold my fingers close toward the head of the hook, so the slight dip in the top of the grip provides a perfect resting place.

While it did take me a few minutes to acclimate to the unfamiliar shape of the handle, it wasn’t long before I was chugging along on a new project!

Sample Project

sneak peak of new design for blog post
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

I started working on a new design (if you’ve read this far you’re getting a little sneak peak) using Final Thoughts


  • Customization – it’s so cool that you can essentially create a custom hook that’s perfect for your needs and preferences.
  • Ergonomic – while not every style of handle is strictly functional, the ones that are do an excellent job of being super comfortable regardless of your grip type.
  • Material – since the handles are made of resin, they’re super easy to clean.
  • Aesthetics – these hooks are simply gorgeous to look at and Diane has a knack for creating beautiful color combinations.
  • Price – at $36-40 per hook, this is an incredibly reasonable price point for handmade hooks, especially when you consider how much customization Diane offers.


  • Imperfections – to me, this isn’t a con, but anything handmade is bound to have some small defect.
  • May not work for all projects – resin can break or the hook can dislodge which does mean it’s not necessarily suitable for things like amigurumi depending on your tension.
  • Shipping time – again, to me, this isn’t a con, BUT the turnaround time is generally about 4 weeks (no 2 day shipping here). However, this is to be expected for a small business.
  • Price – at $36-40 for a single hook, this may be a bit too pricey depending on your budget or experience level.
    • I always recommend beginners use cheaper and more readily available hooks like aluminum when learning and gradually purchasing better hooks as you learn your own preferences.

Would I recommend Love Stitches All Hooks?

Overall, yes, I would absolutely recommend Love Stitches All hooks! Not only is my hook simply beautiful to look at, but it’s comfortable and wonderful to use. Plus, Diane offers a great range of hook sizes and all sorts customization so you know you’re getting a really special product. And you’re supporting a small business in the process!

I absolutely love my new hook, especially since the colors were inspired by Stranger Things. Diane creates such beautiful color palettes that you’ll want to check frequently to see what new color series she’s working on next! You can do that by going to her website:

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