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Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle Review: Comfort Crochet Grips

Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle Review: Comfort Crochet Grips

I think one of the worst things is realizing that your favorite hobby can cause damage if you’re not careful. Unfortunately crocheting can cause all sorts of pain in the hands, wrists and elbows, but there are ways to reduce that pain. That’s why ergonomic hooks are so popular and today I want to share a new type of grip I learned about recently. So let’s dive into this ergonomic crochet hook handle review: Comfort Crochet Grips!

Ergonomic Crochet Hook Handle Review: Comfort Crochet Grips

Disclaimer: William of Comfort Crochet graciously sent me 2 hook grips to try out and review, however I am not an affiliate and this is not a sponsored article. I just like supporting other small businesses and the following review is my honest opinion.

Quick Specs

  • Seller: William Edwards of Comfort Crochet
  • Product: Removable ergonomic handle
  • Price: $14
  • Material: Soft, high quality, tear resistant silicone
  • Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
    • William offers 2 different styles of hook grips (one large and one small) that each come in the above sizes to fit various hooks.
  • Colors Available: Depends on stock, but common colors include:
    • Sea Foam Green
    • Lemon Drop Yellow
    • Purple Grape
    • Gummy Bear Pink
    • Glitter Clear
    • Ocean Blue
  • Interesting Product Facts:
    • There are tiny air bubbles in the silicone near the base of the grip, but according to William’s Etsy listings, they are purely cosmetic and while the problem can be fixed, doing so would sacrifice the softness of the silicone that makes these grips great.
hook grip colors example for blog post
Image by William of Comfort Crochet sourced from Etsy.

First Impression

first impression image for blog post
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

William packs his hook grips in simple white mesh, drawstring bags with a cute little thank you card.

I was sent one large grip and one small grip, both in a size medium (fitting hooks 4.5mm-6.00mm) in the color Ocean Blue. One thing I noted almost immediately that the silicone is more matte than the hook grip I’ve used in the past. You can see tiny imperfections where little bits of silicone are poking up, but honestly they don’t effect the feel of the hook in your hand. (Plus I know next to nothing about casting silicone, so it could be an unavoidable part of the process.)

Next up I took a look at the hook extractor that comes with each grip and it’s a simple knotted cord with a loop on one end. Just to try it out, I put one of my 4.5mm hooks into the large grip and then used the extractor to pull it out. It was surprisingly effective! Just be sure to only use metal hooks with these grips as the extractor will definitely snap the head off of a hook made of resin, plastic or wood.

William even includes a helpful tutorial video that shows how to insert and extract the hooks easily which you can find by scanning the QR code on the Thank You card.

Overall, I’ll admit I was immediately more drawn to the large grip since I knew it would keep my hook hand from clenching down too tightly. However, the smaller grip is about the size of the handle of my favorite handmade hook (from Love Stitches All), so I had to put them both to the test to see which one I preferred.

Would you rather watch this review? Check out the video below.

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Using my new Comfort Grips

Large Grip

large grip image for blog post
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

To test out the large grip (and because it’s almost Valentine’s Day) I decided to make a chunky version of my free Sia the Strawberry Squid pattern using some scrap yarn from my stash and a 4.50mm hook.

Admittedly, I did it again where I had trouble inserting the hook because I opted not to use a dab of soap (like it totally says to in the instructions, lol). But once I got my hook in place, it was super secure. It didn’t wiggle, twist or slide as I began working up the first few pieces.

Normally I can only crochet for about an hour max before having to take a break, but before I knew it I was finishing the body up and the next morning I worked up the rest of the pieces. My hands felt great and although the grip made doing small finicky details a bit of a challenge, the whole process super smooth!

strawberry squid sample project for ergonomic crochet hook handle review comfort crochet grips
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

Small Grip

For the small grip I used the same 4.50mm hook and the same leftover red chunky yarn to make a heart. While this project wasn’t near as elaborate as the chocolate-covered strawberry squid, it was still a good test because I could tell the difference immediately.

Even though this one felt more familiar in my hand, I noticed my right index finger was starting to cramp almost as soon as I got going. Since I use the knife grip when I crochet, I think the lack of support near the head of the hook was what was causing the problem. However, that’s just my experience and I actually think this grip would be great if you hold your hook like a pencil.

small grip image for ergonomic crochet hook handle review comfort crochet grips
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

Final Thoughts


  • Soft & Matte: the silicone is flexible, soft and dry-feeling in the hand which is nice if your hands tend to sweat while you crochet (mine totally do!).
  • Great Color: the color is vibrant and pretty.
  • Reduce Hand Pain: both grips reduce hand pain (although I found the larger grip more effective at this for my particular crochet style).
  • Affordable: at $14, these grips are very reasonably priced and well made so it would be feasible to get a whole set if you wanted to.
  • Unique Hook Extractor: the fact that these grips come with a hook extractor is a huge plus in my book.


  • Minor Imperfections: this barely even a con because the imperfections are not only purely cosmetic, but handmade items are by not going to be absolutely perfect.
  • Cleaning Required: granted, you should always clean your hooks, but silicone has a tendency to pick up all sorts of fibers and fuzz. Thankfully they clean easily with a little soap and water.

Would I Recommend Will’s Comfort Grips?

Overall, yes I would! The large grip especially helped reduce my hand pain so I could crochet for much longer, but I also liked the familiarity of the shape of the smaller grip. Depending on how you hold your hook (knife or pencil) one of the grips will definitely work better for you.

As of right now (1/19/24), William’s website is under renovation, but you can still get yourself some of these awesome hook grips over in his Etsy shop!

I hope you enjoyed this article and let me know in the comments which hook grip you think you would like? Have you ever tried hook grips like this? Be sure to Pin this post for later and share it with your crochet friends!

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