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Free Crochet Pattern: Hernando the Hedgehog

Free Crochet Pattern: Hernando the Hedgehog

I can barely believe it’s already February! I dedicated the month of January to designing new patterns and I’m so excited to finally share one of them with you. This free crochet pattern: Hernando the Hedgehog is my very first one of 2022!

When I was brainstorming animals to create my husband was the one to suggest a hedgehog and I thought that would be a great first project of the year. Then I watched Encanto and decided my little hedgie’s name had to be Hernando in honor of Bruno. If you haven’t watched Encanto, it’s my new favorite Disney movie and I highly recommend everyone watch it.

But, enough of my fangirl-ing, let’s get into the pattern!

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Free Crochet Pattern: Hernando the Hedgehog

You can get the ad-free printable pdf which contains 25+ photos, video links, and helpful tips in either my Etsy or Ravelry shops.

Project Materials

  • Yarn: Wool of the Andes (worsted, 3 skeins) –affiliate link
    • Color A: Peacoat (1yd)
    • Color B: Oyster Heather (42yds)
    • Color C: Silver (65yds)
  • C/3.00mm hook
  • D/3.25mm hook
  • Stitch markers
  • Poly-fill
  • Tapestry needle
  • 7mm safety eyes
  • Scissors
  • Sewing pins

Stitch Abbreviations

(**) – See Project Notes section

  • MR – magic ring (**)
  • Sc – single crochet (**)
  • Sl st – slip stitch
  • Inc – increase (**)
  • Dec – decrease (**)
  • St(s) – stitch(es)
  • Ch – chain
  • BLsc – back loop single crochet
  • Hdc – half double crochet
  • Db lp – double loop stitch (**)
  • Db lp inc – double loop stitch increase (**)

Project Notes

  • Final dimensions: H: 3.5in. x W: 5in. x L: 5.5in.
  • This project is written in US terminology.
  • Hernando is worked in the round with a few elements seamed on.
  • Unless otherwise specified, work in continuous rounds without using a slip stitch to join rows. Move stitch markers up every row as you go.
  • Magic Ring: Create a magic ring and work the specified number of single crochet into it (ex. MR6 = 6sc into the ring).
  • Single Crochet: Unless otherwise specified, this project uses the yarn under technique. Insert your hook into the stitch, yarn under, pull up a loop (2 loops on your hook), yarn over, and pull through both loops.
  • Increase: work 2sc into the same stitch.
  • Decrease: Unless otherwise specified, use the invisible decrease method. Insert your hook into the front loop of the next stitch, then insert your hook into the front loop of the following stitch, yarn over and pull through the first loop (3 loops on the hook), then yarn over and pull through all 3 loops on the hook.
  • Double Loop Stitch/db lp inc: Before you work each loop stitch, make sure the yarn is wrapped twice around your tension finger. Insert your hook into the next stitch. Yarn over, then reach up and hook the two loops on your tension finger. Pull all three loops through. Yarn over and pull through all the loops on the hook (like a regular single crochet).
    • Db lp inc: work 2 db lp stitches in the same stitch.
    • I have a full written tutorial on this stitch here.
    • This stitch is hard depending on how you hold your hook/yarn, so if you’re having trouble check out this great video by the Crochet Guru.

Tester Photos

Check out some of the FANTASTIC photos from my wonderful testers!


Head & Body

Start with Color A and use a 3mm hook.

Row 0: MR6 (Place your stitch marker in the first st)

Change to Color B in the last stitch. Continue working the pattern in Color B.

Row 1: sc around. (6)

Row 2: inc 6 times. (12)

Row 3: sc around. (12)

Row 4: [inc, sc] 6 times. (18)

Row 5: sc around. (18)

Row 6: [sc, inc, sc] 6 times. (24)

Row 7: sc around. (24)

Row 8: [inc, 3sc] 6 times. (30)

Row 9: sc around. (30)

Row 10: 3sc, ch 3, sc in the second ch from the hook, hdc, (working back atop Row 9) 8sc, ch 3, sc in the second ch from the hook, hdc, (working back atop Row 9) 19sc. (30)

Note: As you work Row 11, when you get to the ears, fold them down (toward the nose) and out of the way. Then work directly into the next single crochet.

Rows 11-12: sc around. (30)

Place the safety eyes between Rows 6 and 7 with about 6 or 7 stitches in between. Looking from the side, the eyes should be set slightly below the ears.

Row 13: [dec, 3sc] 6 times. (24)

Row 14: [sc, dec, sc] 6 times. (18)

Row 15: [sc, inc, sc] 6 times. (24)

Stuff the head and continue stuffing the body as you work.

Row 16: [inc, 3sc] 6 times. (30)

Row 17: [2sc, inc, 2sc] 6 times. (36)

Rows 18-30: sc around. (36)

Row 31: [2sc, dec, 2sc] 6 times. (30)

Row 32: [dec, 3sc] 6 times. (24)

Row 33: [sc, dec, sc] 6 times. (18)

Row 34: [dec, sc] 6 times. (12)

Row 35: dec 6 times. (6)

Fasten off and sew the remaining hole closed. Weave the excess yarn tail into the body.

Fluffy Back Piece

The part can be a little tricky. The premium pattern has 25+ photos, video tutorials, helpful tips and even a little bonus option. You can get the downloadable pdf in my Etsy & Ravelry shops.

Using Color C and a 3.25mm hook.

Row 0: MR6 (Place your stitch marker in the first st)

Row 1: db lp inc 6 times. (12)

Row 2: [db lp inc, db lp] 6 times. (18)

Row 3: [db lp, db lp inc, db lp] 6 times. (24)

Row 4: [db lp inc, 3db lp] 6 times. (30)

Row 5: [2db lp, db lp inc, 2db lp] 6 times. (36)

Row 6: [db lp inc, 5db lp] 6 times. (42)

Row 7: [3db lp, db lp inc, 3db lp] 6 times. (48)

Rows 8-10: db lp in each st around. (48)

Fasten off. Your back piece will likely be curling in like a taco. Leave a very long tail for sewing later.

Legs x4

Using Color B and a 3.00mm hook.

Row 0: MR6 (Place a stitch marker in the first st.)

Row 1: inc 6 times. (12)

Row 2: BLsc around. (12)

Row 3: sc around. (12)

Fasten off with an 8-10in tail for sewing later.


Fluffy Back Piece

Fit the back piece around the body of your hedgehog with the edge tucked into the dip where the neck is. If there is a gap like in the photo below, just stretch and pin the back piece as smooth as possible. Ideally it’ll sit diagonally if you look at the hedgehog from the side.

Pin it in place and use either the long tail or an extra length of Color C to sew the back piece to the body.

tutorial for seaming for free crochet pattern: hernando the hedgehog
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.


Pin the 4 legs to the body: the front legs between Rows 17-21 and the back legs between Rows 23-27. The legs are too shallow to be stuffed. Instead I just tucked the loose tail from the magic ring inside each one.

I would recommend standing him on a table to make sure he rests evenly. Once the legs are pinned in place, use the yarn tails from the legs and a tapestry needle to sew them onto the body.


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