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Free Crochet Pattern: Wavy Pumpkin

Free Crochet Pattern: Wavy Pumpkin

It’s August and that means 2 things: the end of summer and the beginning of craft season. As you prep for fall markets, pumpkins are bound to be on your brain because they’re always a hit. Pumpkins are an amazing project because they’re quick, easy, customizable, and fun! But how do you stand out in a sea of basic pumpkins? Use this month’s Free Crochet Pattern: Wavy Pumpkin to create a bunch of GOURDGEOUS 2-tone pumpkins that will be sure to catch eyes!

The wavy texture of this pumpkin design is unique and really simple to make. Then just choose your color palette. You can go bright and bold with neon colors, use classic oranges, or even try boho neutrals like tan and white. Finish off your pumpkins with a unique stem and you’ll have people flocking to your booth!

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Free Crochet Pattern: Wavy Pumpkin

Tester Photos

The Wavy Pumpkin was the first pattern I had the opportunity to test in my free Facebook Group and it was such a joy to work with these ladies! They created some beautiful pumpkins in all sorts of colors and sizes. Not to mention they each created a unique stem to suit their style!

Do you prefer to print your patterns or don’t want to deal with ads? You can get the premium Wavy Pumpkin pattern, which includes photos and video tutorials in my shops! Grab it on Etsy or grab it on Ravelry.

Pumpkin Palooza Feature Day: Monday 9/5/22

Click the button below to head to Ravelry and redeem the coupon code to get the Wavy Pumpkin Pattern for free!

Project Materials

  • Yarn: Stitch Abbreviations

    (**) – See Project Notes section

    • St(s) – stitch(es)
    • Ch – chain
    • Sl st – slip stitch
    • Hdc – half double crochet
    • BL sl st – back loop slip stitch
    • BLhdc – back loop half double crochet

    Project Notes

    • Final dimensions: H: 3.5in. x W: 5in.
    • This project is written in US terminology.
    • The Wavy Pumpkin is worked flat and sewn into shape.
    • The size of this project is easily customizable.
    • Keep your slip stitches LOOSE! This will make it easier to work into them later.


    Gauge is not super important to this pattern, but if you’d like to create a pumpkin the same size as mine, follow the gauge below.

    28 stitches x 26 rows. = 4in. x 4in.


    This project uses the Wavy Stitch and you can check out the full tutorial for it right here in my Textured Stitches Made Easy series.

    Start with Color A.

    NOTE: ch 1 does not count as a stitch and be sure to slip stitch loosely.

    Ch 37

    Row 1: starting in the second ch from the hook, 4BL sl st, [4BLhdc, 4BL sl st] 4 times, ch 1, turn. (36)

    Row 2: [4sl st, 4hdc] 4 times, 4sl st, ch 1, turn. (36) Before you ch 1, drop Color A, then do the ch 1 with Color B.

    Row 3: [4BLhdc, 4BL sl st] 4 times, 4BLhdc, ch 1, turn. (36)

    Row 4: [4hdc, 4sl st] 4 times, 4hdc, ch 1, turn. (36) Before you finish the last hdc, drop Color B and finish the last hdc with Color A.

    Repeat Rows 1-4 12 more times for a total of 52 rows. (When you repeat Row 1, you’ll ignore the ‘starting in the second ch’ instruction.)

    NOTE: If you want to create a wider pumpkin, continue the row repeat as many times as you like. Just be sure to finish the whole repeat (ending with Row 4).

    Fasten off with a very long tail (24-30in.)

    Changing colors and the row repeats is a bit tricky. You can get the premium version of this pattern, which has tons of photos and video tutorials in all my shops! Would you like to be able to mark out your rows as you go, but don’t want to print the pattern? Grab this pattern from Ribblr and you can do all that right from the app!


    You should have a flat rectangle with wavy ends. Fold the piece in half so that the wavy edge of Row 1 and the wavy edge of the final row meet. The wrong side should be facing out. (The wrong side is side that looks puffier while the right side has the clearly defined waves from using the back loops.)

    Use a tapestry needle and the yarn tail to sew the wavy edges together. (I used the whip stitch, but you’re welcome to use whatever stitch you like.)

    Once you’ve sewn the wavy edge, tie a small knot to secure. Then flip the tube so it’s right side out. 

    Using the tapestry needle and the yarn tail, weave in and out along the entire edge of the tube, pulling as you go.

    NOTE: It may not close completely at first, so keep weaving in and out around the edge, pulling tight, and it’ll close.

    Tie a small knot in the center to secure. Then push the needle into the center and weave it up through the inside of the tube. 

    Tie a knot on the open edge of the tube. (This will keep your pumpkin from being lopsided.) Then weave in and out along the open edge. Don’t pull tight just yet though.

    Start stuffing the pumpkin and gently tugging the yarn tail to close the hole. Once you’ve finished stuffing, pull the hole closed and tie a knot to secure. 

    Then push the needle down through the center and out through the bottom center of the pumpkin. 

    Repeat this step a few more times, pulling the yarn tail tight as you push through the center of the pumpkin to compress it. 

    Once you’ve compressed your pumpkin, tie a few knots in the center dip of the pumpkin. Then weave the remaining yarn tail into the body of the pumpkin.


    You can crochet a stem and sew it on or use hot glue to attach a twig or cinnamon stick like I did. There are tons of possibilities! Check out the tester photos above to see how they used all sorts of things like clothes pins and corks for their stems.


    Want to share your GOURDGEOUS Wavy Pumpkin with me? I’d LOVE to see! You can email me at or tag me on social media (@cbfiberworks)!

    If you liked this free pattern, be sure to Pin it for later and share it with your friends. And if you loved this year’s pumpkin pattern, check out last year’s hit, the Popcorn Pumpkin, which is also available for free!

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