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Fun & Unique Alternatives to Crochet Temperature Projects

Fun & Unique Alternatives to Crochet Temperature Projects

It’s the beginning of the year again and temperature projects are the topic of the month. With all the new year excitement, it’s easy to see why everyone wants to start a fun, year-long project. But did you know that there are tons of different options aside from tracking the weather in yarn? In today’s article we’re diving into fun & unique alternatives to crochet temperature projects that will keep you engaged all year long!

Fun & Unique Alternatives to Crochet Temperature Projects

Temperature projects are so popular because they can be incredibly fun. It’s so cool to see your project grow over the course of a year and you get a visual representation of the weather too. I had a blast making Kelvin the Temp Snake in 2022 and 2023.

If you’re interested in starting a temperature project like Kelvin the Temp Snake, but don’t know where to start, check out this Quick Guide to Starting a Temperature Project.

But what if you don’t want to track the weather (or you’re like me and just want to try something new)? Well, there’s actually a lot of different variations to play with.

Temperature blankets (or snakes, scarves, etc…) are essentially tracker projects. You pick one thing and track it over the course of a year, noting changes with different colors of yarn. So technically you can track anything you want!

Let’s look at some examples!


This alternative is one I’ve seen becoming increasingly popular on social media and it’s where you track your moods each day for a year. There’s several ways you can go about this, but essentially you assign colors to various emotions (happy, relaxed, frustrated, tired, stressed, inspired, etc…) and crochet a row a day in the color of your mood.

It’s the yarny equivalent to a mood ring! (I know they’re silly, but I loved my mood ring when I was a kid.)

Plus, this kind of project is great if you’re going into the new year determined to be more mindful and attuned to your own self-care because you’re checking in with your emotions each day.

mood blanket example for fun & unique alternatives to crochet temperature projects
Image by Kaisha of Whimyshen.

Want to try making a Mood project of your own? Kaisha from Whimsyhen has a super simple and free tutorial on her blog that you can check out here!

Sleep & Dreams

Tracking something like sleep over the course of a year can not only be fun, but informative. Maybe you have trouble sleeping or staying asleep and want to figure out why. Depending on your personal sleep pattern, you could assign colors to the number of hours a night you get or the number of times you wake up each night.

Once you’ve worked a month or two of rows you can look back and see if there are any trends. For example, do you sleep longer or better on the weekends? Do you sleep the least or the most on your busiest days of the week? Maybe you’re in the habit of drinking coffee late in the afternoon on weekdays, but not on weekends (totally guilty of this).

Basically, this project gives you a visual chart to look at and figure out how you can improve your sleep schedule.

Or if you’re not into tracking your sleep patterns, you could focus on dreams. I personally have a wide variety from nonsensical to vividly realistic to repetitive lucid dreams. So as an example, I could assign a color to the type of dream I had and track them each day. And if you’re one of those that forget dreams almost immediately, you can keep a journal by the bed and check off the type you had just after waking up.


This can be almost anything from books you read, workout routines, coffee/tea consumed or even bowel movements. I know that last one is super weird, but there’s a woman who went viral on TikTok in 2022 for documenting her poop blanket project. The point is you can track all sorts of things and they can be as personal as you want.

viral poop blanket example for blog post
Image sourced from Google.

This is the famous poop blanket and it’s just too wild not to talk about!

As an avid reader, a book tracker project sounds particularly fun. I saw a post where one woman assigned a color to different genres and then tracked the types of books she read over the course of a year. And for something like this you could work more than one row per book. For example, if it took you 3 weeks to read a historical fiction book like Outlander (great book by the way), you could do 3 weeks worth of rows in the color assigned to historical fiction.

You can use a project like this as motivation too! If you’ve decided to exercise more, drink more water, drink less caffeine, etc… you can track those things too. Each row you crochet is a celebration of you working toward your goal and might help during those points of low motivation.


Leave it up to the fates (or the roll of a die)! Whether you want to go big and make a blanket or keep it simple with a scarf or snake, you can assign a color to each number on the die and roll for a random color each day.

And if 6 colors just isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to break out those D&D (Dungeons & Dragons) dice and use a D8 or all the way up to a D20 for a ton of options. Not a fan of dice? You can use a random number generator online or just ask Siri (or Google) to pick a number between 1 and 10 (as an example).

The options are endless!

dice example for randomized project for blog post
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

Want to see how a randomized snake can be started? Check out this video on how I chose my colors and what a project like this can look like!


Temperature projects are just the beginning and you can track anything you want for your next year-long project. You can even use a temperature pattern and convert it to suit whatever you want to track. The idea of random rows is just too fun to pass up, so I think I’ll be making another Kelvin the Temp Snake, just with randomly generated colors for 2024.

I hope you enjoyed this article and are inspired to start your very own tracker project. Share your thoughts below in the comments! Which project will you start this year? Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you never miss a blog post, new pattern or special event.

Have an amazing day and happy stitching!

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