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How to Shop Small and Get Amazing Gifts for Crocheters

How to Shop Small and Get Amazing Gifts for Crocheters

As crocheters, we tend to think only about what we can give other people, especially during the holidays. And that giving spirit is so amazing! But you deserve a amazing gift just as much! Friends and family may not know exactly what to get you though. That’s why we’re taking the guesswork out of it this year AND aiming to support small businesses in the process. Let’s dive into how to shop small and get amazing gifts for crocheters!

How to Shop Small and Get Amazing Gifts for Crocheters

Now is the time for you to reach into your wish list and find that thing that you’ve been dying to get! Maybe a handmade crochet hook or a fancy yarn bowl? Keep those items in mind as I tell you about a bunch of amazing small businesses where you can get all sorts of crafty goodies!

I had the idea to poll my followers on Instagram to see if they had their own crochet businesses or if they had a small business that they already loved. And WOW, did they deliver! So many amazing businesses were tagged that I can’t even fit them all here in just one post (without this turning into a novella).

Here’s how it breaks down:

I’ve broken all the businesses up into 4 categories: Crochet Patterns, Handmade Hooks, Crochet Tools, and Crochet Supplies.

In each category, I’ve randomly selected 4 crochet businesses to feature along with a photo of a popular product or type of product they sell.

But you can download the full list in an easy pdf for free! The pdf is made to be printer-friendly, but has working links that will take you right to the shop you’re interested in checking out.

Click here to download the Shop Small Gift Ideas for Crocheters List!

Crochet Pattern Designers

Want to see all 40 crochet designers on this list?

Click here to down the full list so you can not only find that perfect pattern, but support a fellow crocheter this holiday season!

Handmade Crochet Hook Makers

There's 6 more fantastic hook makers to celebrate!

You can check out the shops of all 10 crochet hook makers in the full Gift Ideas list and find the perfect handmade hook!

Crochet Tool Makers

Handmade Crochet Supplies

I hope you found some amazing inspiration for gifts to treat yourself to (or send, not-so-subtly, to your friends and family, haha)! Not only will you get some fantastic treats this year, but you’re helping support fellow crocheters and crafters.

Do you have a favorite small business that wasn’t included here or on the full pdf list? Leave a comment below and shout them out!

And if you didn’t get a chance to grab the full list of over 60 small businesses to shop from this holiday season, you can grab it right here: Shop Small Gift Ideas for Crocheters List!

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