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Yarn Tool Review: Mini Minders from Lemonwood

Yarn Tool Review: Mini Minders from Lemonwood

If you’ve been crocheting for a while you probably know that collecting yarn and tools is easily its own separate hobby. I mean, who doesn’t have (many) extra sets of hooks, right? But recently I came across a tool that feels game-changing and I think you’ll love it too. So let’s dive into this yarn tool review: mini minders from Lemonwood.

Yarn Tool Review: Mini Minders from Lemonwood

Disclaimer: I purchased the ‘Autumn Tour’ mini minder on my own and this review is my honest opinion. This post is not sponsored in any way and I don’t gain anything if you decide to purchase a mini minder (other than the joy of supporting another small business).

What’s a Mini Minder?

Essentially mini minders are portable yarn holders so you can crochet (or knit) on the go. Your yarn stays in place around the post and the swivel clasp on top ensures that it spins easily as you work. It sounds super simple, but I honestly had no idea these existed until a few weeks ago.

Whenever I’ve traveled, I’ve always just packed projects into a bag and often had to fuss with keeping the yarn inside organized while I worked. So when I saw Lemonwood demonstrating their mini minders on Instagram I knew I had to find out more.

mini minder designs for blog post
Images from Lemonwood (used with permission).

Quick Specs

  • Seller: Lemonwood
  • Product: Mini Minder
  • Price: $36 (as of 11/17/23)
  • Materials: Natural birch wood, hand painted with a natural wood finish
  • Sizes: 1 (4″ base diameter, 6″ high (with ring))
    • The mini minders all come in the same size, but Lemonwood also offers a ‘Not-so-mini minder’ that fits larger skeins of yarn.
  • Colors: various designs and colors available
  • Interesting Product Facts:
    • Lemonwood is the original designer of the mini minder and they have a patent pending for their unique design.
    • The mini minders come with genuine leather wrist straps, but for those that want to avoid leather, nylon wrist straps are also available.
mini minder designs for blog post
Images from Lemonwood (used with permission).

First Impression

Lemonwood sends their mini minders safely ensconced in a few layers of eco-friendly packing paper with an adorable, branded drawstring bag and a cute little instruction booklet.

lemonwood order for yarn tool review: mini minders from lemonwood.
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

The minder itself has 3 separate parts: the base, the post and the wrist strap. When it’s disassembled, it all fits neatly into the drawstring bag for easy storage. And assembly is super easy too. Just insert the post into the hole on the base, slip on your yarn and then attach the ring clasp onto the hole at the top of the post.

mini minder for blog post
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

I purchased the ‘Autumn Tour’ mini minder from Lemonwood’s Etsy shop (although they now have a beautiful website up and running). Immediately after unpacking my mini minder I was a bit surprised by how small it was, but that thought quickly fell by the wayside because the quality is incredible.

You can tell a lot of care went into creating it because the edges of the wood are perfectly smooth. Each cutout is precise and the hand painted gradients are so clean. Not to mention, the ring and swivel clasp are sturdy and match the aesthetic really well. Finally, the leather wrist strap is soft on the inside and smooth on the outside.

Using My New Mini Minder

I’m not gonna lie, as much as I was entranced by how pretty the mini minder was, I was kind of wondering if it was worth the hype. I mean usually when I travel, I just keep caked up yarn in my bag and work from the center pull.

So to test it out, I decided to work on the head for my dragon design and I got set up, sitting at my desk at home. I was actually crocheting pretty quickly since I didn’t have to pause to pull more yarn. The swivel works great and just slight tugs had the yarn spinning easily.

mini minder with yarn for yarn tool review: mini minders from lemonwood.
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

But the real game changer was when my dogs insisted on going outside, I was able to just hop up and let them out while taking my project with me easily. I know that probably sounds silly, but my dogs want in and out all day long and sometimes I have to literally untangle myself from a project just to get up. And all the constant interruptions messes up my flow so I’ll forget which row I was on or where I was putting increases, etc…

So even though it sounds so simple, the portability helps tremendously. Plus, when I’m working at my desk for long periods of time, I can also hang the mini minder from my phone holder. That way the yarn ball isn’t rolling around on my desk while I work on a design.

Final Thoughts


  • Lightweight: the mini minder is so light that I barely felt it on my wrist and it didn’t impede my crocheting at all.
  • Portable & stationary: the mini minder works great whether you’re crocheting on the go or hanging it up to work from home.
  • Spins smoothly: the swivel is so smooth that it spins freely with even gentle tugs.
  • High quality: the wooden base and post feel very sturdy and while I definitely think you could snap them with enough force, they certainly won’t break if they take an accidental tumble off the table.


  • Small: I hesitate to even call this a con because they are Mini Minders. Really the only drawback is not being able to use these with bulkier yarn, but that just might be a job for the ‘Not-so-mini’ Minder.
  • Single skein projects: this one is just a personal preference. I like doing projects with lots of colors and occasionally lots of colorwork, so I can’t easily use a single mini minder for these since it involves a lot of switching. But maybe I just need more mini minders. 😉

Honestly I can’t find anything truly ‘wrong’ with this mini minder. While it may not work for larger skeins or bulkier yarns, I think it’s an absolutely excellent product. Plus, me wanting to do colorwork in no way detracts from the functionality of the mini minder. I might just need to get a few more so I can do all the color changes I want, haha!

close up of mini minder for yarn tool review: mini minders from lemonwood.
Image by Chanel of cbfiberworks.

Would I Recommend the Lemonwood Mini Minder?

One hundred percent, yes! There are several minders out there on the market, but the ones from Lemonwood caught my eye because they’re simply beautiful. The quality of the craftsmanship is absolutely worth the price.

That being said, if you’re in the market for a Lemonwood Mini Minder, please only purchase them either through the Lemonwood website or from the Lemonwood Etsy shop. Unfortunately there are many copycats and outright scam products listed on other sites like Amazon. Even though the price may be cheaper, you won’t be getting the same amazing quality or even the listed product (yikes!).

Plus when you order directly from a small business, you’re supporting them and helping them to keep making amazing things! Win-win!

So what do you think? Will you be adding a mini minder to your cart? Have you ever used a product similar to this? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And if you do grab yourself a mini minder, don’t forget to tag on socials and share your excitement with them!

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Have a wonderful day and happy stitching!

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